Sunday, September 6, 2020

Guide to Rational Thinking

A man gets on the train 
wearing shoes made of duct tape
and a straw fedora covered with sequins 
in a pattern of stars and stripes.
Along with his knapsack, he lugs 
a gold painted folding chair
and one of those sticks 
with pincers on the end
for grabbing things. 
He plops down with his stuff,
taking up five seats, 
rummages in his bag
and pulls out a paperback copy
of Dr, Albert Ellis's 
Guide to Rational Thinking 
He spends the rest of the ride
reading it, smiling to himself 
from time to time, 
like he's remembering some
delightful secret

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Sweet Creek

I'm on my way to work
with a thermos of coffee
and my lunch in a plastic bag
A kid is standing
on the railing of the bridge
taking pictures of the parked cars.
When he sees me he jumps
onto his skateboard
and wheels away.

The sidewalks are lined
with tents and shelters made of tarps
and advertising banners
One of them, hung upside-down, shows
A row of women in swimsuits
standing in front of sports cars
Furniture scattered here and there
Milk crates, a file cabinet, an office chair
The skeleton of a papasan

A flier taped to the side
of the convenience store
shows a photo of a cat
above the words
My Name is Pizza
My owner is JJ
Help Reunite us

Miles outside the city, the fires rage on
Lionshead, White River, Green Ridge,
Sweet Creek fire 60% contained
Nothing but heat and wind for days

Moon still bright and low
in the morning sky
Crow screams overhead
No rain in sight