Sunday, May 3, 2020

All You Really Need is Los Angeles

With a weird song in my weird heart,
I drank too much coffee.
I was the only one drinking it
and I didn't want the pot to go to waste.

I didn't want all that electricity to go to waste
but they glued the covers to the outside outlets shut
So the homeless people wouldn't plug their phones into them

The homeless people plugged into each other
The paper towel dispensers were loaded so tightly
that I couldn't pull one out without ripping it to shreds

I should have ripped it to shreds
And instead she texted me to ask about
the poem I wrote about the braids
I didn't recognize her number

I didn't recognize the heaving hide, flecked with foam
I didn't notice when
the clopping come to a stop
at the crossroads

At the crossroads stood the picture
that she promised me,
of the bear and the piano
that I thought lost, that ended up being swept
under the carpet

Sweeping her smile under the carpet
Circe's hair extensions bobbed and darted
hovering in the air around her ageless face
as I lunged for a kiss

I lunged for a kiss
My secret desires pricked your skin
I didn't mean them to but it was
in their nature to do so

It is in its nature to do so
but I hate when grief bubbles up from deep inside
and drowns you from within
As if it's not bad enough
that you're already standing knee-deep
in that envelope 

She sent me an envelope
filled with photographs of a branch
I thought was long withered, but there it was,
obscured by its own blossoms

Obscured by my own rot
My hair caught in the spokes
The sun cast weird patterns on my teeth
We were all getting blurred together

We were all getting blurred toether
She turned me into a hamburger
She forced me to choose between her and you
I left a sorry offering at the altar
Knowing it was laughably inadequate

Knowing it was inadequate
I couldn't write two consecutive sentences
Each line pointed in a different direction
 and it was exhausting

 And it was exhausting
The island started to sink
We tried not to be alarm
I rewrote everything

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