Monday, April 13, 2020

Up to Your Eyeballs in Venture Capital

Best laid waste investing wisely
Flushed those precious prophylactics
Knotted braids and woven baskets
Optimists with desperate talents

Unhooked barb wire dripping spastic
Deep state head case in Miami
Sour Patch Kids and Laffy Taffy
B-list spokesman tilts the axis

Maxi-pads in backseat writhing
Exit poll opposes praxis
Journalists expunge molasses
Rigid tender is the nightlife

Yesterday is for investing
Seven mile panhandle backflip
Jokes involving rubber vomit
Your shit stain's a hidden blessing

Honeywell would stiff the waitress
Plumping up the bootleg timestamp
Cattle on the highway off ramp
Liquidated market phone sex

Walmart sponsored burning manhole
Bitcoin robocallers sponsored
Texting from the buried rocket
Station closed just north of SoHo

Destination runway tunnel
Masked man stuffed with beta blockers
Minnie Pearl and Margaret Walker
Bare feet stick out from the oven

Bridesmaids carrying bolt-cutters
Hold your breath as we go under
Tax the starry-eyed invaders
Ankle-deep in eggs and sugar

Sallow checks and violet startups
Sunchoke microphone eruptions
Divebomb devils dropping acid
Wallowing in ectoplasm

Bloody loaves in muddy waters
Putty bubbling on the stovetop
Buried lovers, shattered glue pots
Pound cakes laced with broken bottles

Spooling out unleavened sweethearts
Menthol wrappers stitched and numbered
Wall-eyed death cults hanging laundry
Half-baked terrorists in Yonkers

Chain gang rolling pin marauders
Oven mitts scorched in the ruins
Push up bras to boost mirages
Weeping willow undergarments

Best laid answered prayers and whispers
Burning bush potato salad
waist-deep in the outer limits
All mitzvahs declared invalid

Flaccid strands of oily laughter
Garbled songs of warm saliva
Swan dive last gasp lost horizon
The dams are done. The water's rising.

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