Thursday, April 30, 2020

Certificate of Participation

Edging your way around the rim of a hole
you're pretending isn't there.

Good try, it said. You did all you could.

There's a little truth in every joke,
my mother used to say.
Not just her. Lots of people
say that.

A single warm drip flowing
sluggishly down your leg
There was no testing available

You gave it a shot, it said.
You gave it your all.
A for effort.

The small pleasures
have shrunken down so as to barely register.
The world glimpsed through a peephole,
and poorly lit besides.
Every feast is a mere crumb on your tongue,
every orgasm here and gone so fast
you’re not sure it even happened.

With no facial expression
or vocal inflection
You'll never really know

An entire world in every drop of water
A entire universe melting in your fist

You’ll always be a winner
in my book, it said.
I admire your perseverance. You’ve
really got guts.

When you’re tumbling
and tumbling
and tumbling
and just wishing
you would hit the bottom already

How do you keep the poison from annihilating you
when it’s in the air, the water, the very sunlight

It eats you from the inside
it hollows you out, leaves you nothing
but a thin, brittle shell

Good try, it said,
erasing you completely
with a wave of its hand.

No one noticed.

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