Wednesday, November 13, 2019

1st Drink of the Light

An eyelash
on your fingertip

The eye never scabs over
never heals
Just keeps leaking

A wound in time
that never closes
A black hole
A spinning drain
I squint
hold my palm over
the cut

tip the bottle
of hydrogen peroxide
though they say
that it does nothing
That it's not good for you
I still want to feel the fizz
to watch
the bubbling

 Trying to smooth
the ragged edges
Trying to lay a plank
across the creek
The birdbath does not
ice over
The sky is still raw
and gaping

the corners of my mouth
are still catching
face down in the cool grass
on the hottest day
of the year
I will catch you twitching
I have not yet begun
to swallow the dew

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