Saturday, August 10, 2019

Royalty Nails

A nail salon is going in next door
to the bookshop where I help out
Royalty Nails is painted on the glass. 
I can hear them banging around 
as clearly as I could hear
my new neighbor’s moans
as her boyfriend fucked her this morning.
I just lay there quietly in bed
like I sit here now, alone,
listening to the hammering
and scraping and drilling
as they install the drywall,
hanging of brand new doors
on brand new hinges.
I think of you and the sounds you made.
Not unlike hers but even louder, longer.
The workers knock off for lunch.
Soon the place will fill up
with women getting mani-pedis
as the books sit so quietly on the shelves.
The neighbors will continue to fuck
as you do whatever it is you do
with whoever it is you do it with
and I claw at the thin walls
screaming without a sound

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