Thursday, January 24, 2019

Seaside Sushi Lounge (Stick Pokes Eye)

Heading home after a day at the beach
My arms and legs stuck inside
the bento box of a car. My stomach feels encased
inside a cage of bargain basement samurai armor,
Japanese potato salad smeared across my lips
for the seagulls to kiss
Look, I don’t know why I can’t seem to
ever be happy, why I keep poking my eye
with this same stick,  the car only seems
to go in reverse, the hills are alive
with the sound of train brakes screeching
Memories of future wrecks,  my heart…
ah, fuck that thing, that chalky green lump
that wet folded pile of pickled regrets
pungent and greasy as my face I don’t care how much
you cry, I won’t lick your tears, won’t lick
the tree sap trickling down the crumbling
walls of bark, also fuck that guy back on the beach
squirting lighter fluid on the briquettes
and debris piled on the sand.
We stop in a souvenir stand at the base
of beautiful Clearcut Mountain,
pick up some tree stump air fresheners for gifts
Shuriken stuck in the forehead of a chainsawed Sasquatch
standing beside the highway on a bed of rice and pine needles
We squeeze through a tunnel only
to burst out the other side half digested,
dripping wet, marinating in our own juices,
sunspots on my tongue
Blades of light through the trees I keep trying
to roll down the window and shove my appendages
out so they can flap in the breeze can you
smell the seaside yet? Still? My tentacles
tie knots around your knees, ah fuck
the ocean breeze, I’m slathering on
the sunscreen, painting polka dots
on my cheeks, organs withered or
plump and slippery, never roasted just right,
why don’t you just go ahead and hurl that
tempura cookbook over the edge
of the lookout point where the couple slipped
while taking a selfie, everything’s bugging me and
I don’t know why, or probably I do and don’t
want to face it, ah fuck this sky,
this road, pull over here, wait
in the fucking car while I take a leak
against that tree trunk there, this time I’ll be careful
not to get any on my goddamn sneakers

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