Friday, January 11, 2019


 Erotic letters found in the pocket
of a brown leather jacket
The crackling of autumn leaves
not yet dampened by the winter rains
I check the weather on my phone
just as drops begin to speckle the screen

I duck into a shop for a last-minute gift
I paw at the tchotchkes, listening to the rush
of ocean waves emanating from a plastic rock.
The box says it plays five other “soothing sounds.”
It's not a very convincing looking rock
and the sounds do not sound much like
the ocean, the river, the campfire.

Pixelated sparks as you poke the logs

Ocean spray from crashing waves
A bouquet of roses that explodes into blossom
every time I press the button
Pages blank as snow

That  night the rain whispers against the window
As I nuzzle your ear and slip my hand
between your legs
Gray curtains of cloud, soft down comforter
Jacket thrown over the back of a chair,
phone buzzing over and over
Across the street, the 7-11’s cold white glow
Car tires on the wet road
Your digital moan

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