Thursday, August 23, 2018

Reveling in the Irrelevancy

Hi there,

Who still keeps a blog anymore? Old people? Weirdos whose knowledge of the internet stops around 2005? Have we maybe come full circle, to the point where they're cool again, albeit in a retro kind of way? I doubt it. To be honest, I'm surprised Blogger still exists.

I've been publishing things under the name ant vs. Ant for 14 years now, so figured it was time to just make it official and call my blog that too. I mean, what is this other than a thinly-disguised marketing tool?

Anyways, along with hawking my wares (mostly printed by the fine robots at, I'll still be posting new works in progress, as well as drawings and paintings provided I ever pick up a paint brush again.

Thanks for stopping in, feel free to leave comments in the comments section, or contact me at 

-Seann P. McCollum


  1. Yeah, some people still blog. Mostly it's political opinion pieces and tech nonsense these days (of which, I admit, I do both). My original personal blog was turned into a dumping ground of "SSNRI drug has stolen my impulse control" and I was stalked and harassed for daring to try to kick abusers off my comments (they created a hate blog on Wordpress that still exists to this day, and Wordpress actually changed their TOS to avoid dealing with it).

    Eventually I deleted it. The scum of the internet won, because I'm not so callous as to laugh off every act of sociopathic cruelty of the hideous human waste that collects on the Internet.

    I have had an anti-tech-worship blog on Blogspot for years and I mostly rant (or share other people's rants) about tech that sucks (because, as a tech person, I've had an inside view of just how antisocial technology people and their toys are). Blogspot's editor is shit on mobile and the mobile apps are shit too. I have to be pretty irritated at something to bother with posting about it. (After trying to preview this comment: holy fuck biscuits, Blogspot sucks on mobile in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE)

    I recently opened up my own personal blog again, on my own domain (swallowing my pride and using Wordpress' tool), and posted a little. Testing the waters. Fighting with the utterly horrific CSS to attempt to customize the blog's appearance (I highly recommend not trying to deal with CSS because it's BADLY DESIGNED INSANITY).

    Ultimately, I just don't think it provides any utility to me to do it. I only do it in spite of the world, not to accomplish anything or reach anyone.

  2. Luckily for me, the scum of the internet is pretty much bored by poetry. I tried Wordpress but didn't like it for reasons I don't remember; probably too complicated for me. My computer skills border on nonexistent.

  3. It's definitely complicated.

    At this point, I am sick of having to rely on computer tech skills to use computers... ;-)

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